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Dining Kids Chairs: Which Fabric is the Best?

If you have children, their dining chairs undergo a lot of activity from the fine dining events your family shares with friends and their kids to your restless kids crafting crayon pictures. Because these kids chairs are the main feature in your dining room you will always want them to look good – you wouldn’t like to compromise on your home’s style. This means you have to purchase dining chairs that can outlast the kids. The best method of accomplishing this is choosing the right fabric for your Incy Interiors kids chairsSo which child-proof features should a suitable dining chair fabric have? Which synthetic and natural materials offer these much-needed qualities? This piece will provide the guidance you need while selecting a fabric for your children’s chairs.

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Fabrics to avoid


Silk is not a suitable fabric for kid’s chairs. Although it looks beautiful, you need to avoid it if you desire to have long-lasting children dining chairs. Silk is a delicate fabric which has a loose weave –It should strictly be for adults. Smudge or spill anything on it, and the fabric will have that stain forever. The only way to remove the stain is hiring professionals to clean it.

Good fabric when blended


Cotton is a suitable fabric when combined with other materials. Its durability is determined by its finish and weaves. Cotton resists fading, wear, and pilling. However, it’s susceptible to wrinkling and staining. It blends with fibers like polyester, linen, and viscose to create a sturdier fabric. Cotton can be made stronger when a stain resistant finish is used to treat its surface. Moreover, if the weave is tight, the material will not tear easily.

Pure Linen

When used alone, linen is not a suitable all-weather fabric for dining kids chairs. It stains and wrinkles quickly and must be professionally cleaned if your kids soil it. Fortunately, linen resists pilling and fading. It can withstand abrasion better than cotton and is a sturdy fabric if blended with other textiles.


Viscose is never used alone but can be blended with other textiles. It’s a perfect replacement for silk. Viscose resembles silk and feels like cotton hence the reason it’s a common chair fabric option. It is elegant to look at, soft to touch and resistant to wear and tear. However, you should note that it wrinkles easily.

Highly recommended


Since you expect a lot of spills from kids, consider going for Vinyl. It’s not expensive like leather, and it is very durable. Vinyl is easy to maintain and offers many child-friendly qualities.


When it comes to resilience, leather is the best material thanks to its stain-resistance and easily-washable qualities. It can even withstand rigorous cleaning routines –vacuuming, cleaning with a leather conditioner, and wiping with a wet cloth. Now you know the fabric you’ll pick for the dining kids chairs. Consider contacting Incy Interiors at to get the best kids chairs or for more information.

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