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BFC wish to congratulate Justin Michael on his promotion from assistant coach to interim senior coach.

Justin has played all of his senior football in Balaklava so has a good understanding of our club and has the respect of both players and supporters.

BFC’s previous coach Grant Russell has unfortunately resigned due to personal circumstances. The club thanks Grant for getting our senior players to the strong position that they now find themselves in.

We will misss him wish him well in his new endeavor. 

Selecting Kids Beds

Five important considerations when you’re selecting bunk beds for your child

Bunk beds are a great choice if you’re on the market for the perfect kids beds for your family. However, there are a couple important considerations you need to take into account in order to make the right selection of kids beds models. It’s important to think things through so that both you and your child are satisfied.

The following are five important considerations when you’re selecting bunk beds for your child:

Whether they can be separated for two twin beds

One of the most convenient features of a lot of kids beds at www.incyinteriors.com.au/beds/ that offer the bunk bed setup is that they can easily be converted to two twin beds. This means that you can separate them if you have two kids who may move into different rooms later. Bunks beds that switch into two kids beds offer a great deal of versatility that can make it easier to choose beds that you’ll be able to use for many years to come.
Estelle Bunk

How safe they are to climb up

You need to inspect the ladder feature of bunk beds that you’re selecting and make sure that it’s safe for your kids. You need to think about whether or not your kids are big enough to manage the climb.

The safest kids beds that are bunk beds offer a bottom bunk that’s very low to the ground and a top bunk that’s not very high up in the air.

Their dimensions and how they fit in with your kids room

It’s important to take measurements if you’re choosing bunk beds for your kids beds. Bunk beds often require a relatively high ceiling, so it’s important to measure the height of bunk beds. Remember that bunk beds are typically the size of standard twin beds. However, this isn’t always the case. You should also measure the length and width of the beds you’re thinking of buying so you’re sure that they will fit in your kids room.

How comfortable they are

Kids tend to like bunk beds because they find them fun to climb on, but remember that you’re kids are also going to need to be able to fall asleep in these kids beds from https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/. This means that it’s important to make sure that the beds are comfortable. It may be a good idea to take your kids along when shopping to try bunk beds out and make sure that they offer enough comfort for a good night’s sleep.

How your kids like them

Before you opt for bunk beds as a solution for your need for kids beds, make sure your kids want them. While a lot of kids enjoy climbing up bunk beds, some kids might prefer regular beds. If you choose bunk beds, somebody is going to have to sleep on the top bunk. Discuss the kids beds you’re thinking of purchasing with your children and allow them to have some say in which bunk bed model you choose.

Looking for baby furniture

Looking for Cribs and Baby Furniture

Planning for baby furniture can make anyone on the planet feel magnificent. It’s a form of preparation that quite simply lacks rivals. Expectant parents often love nothing more than the process of shopping for top-quality baby furniture items to place inside of their nurseries. If you want to be a baby furniture shopping superstar, you need to make sure you understand the ins and outs of intelligent crib selection. Cribs understandably are the highlights of any and all nurseries. It’s essential to pick a crib that accommodates all of your lifestyle requests. It’s just as essential to pick one that you can afford without issue. Many parents get overzealous and try to purchase cribs that cost too much.

Explore the categories of cribs that are accessible to you and to other parents. If you want to feel great about your Incy Interiors baby furniture choices, you need to have well-rounded knowledge. Learn all about basic cribs. Look for cribs that are a blend of basic cribs and changing tables. You should even look into convertible beds. Some parents go for convertible beds that they can transform into effective toddler beds. They do this after their youngsters get a little bigger.

Parents need to know about the qualities that make cribs stand out. If you want to make a fine baby furniture purchase choice, you need to search for cribs that are unwavering and that don’t move in unsettling ways. Firmness is king in the crib world. If a crib jiggles or teeters, incorrect craftsmanship techniques could be to blame.

You should think about the amount of space that’s available inside of your upcoming nursery. If you want to conserve real estate, you should opt for miniature or portable crib options. Compact cribs can be a lot more convenient. You can also try to find cribs that you can break down and fold any time for basic storage reasons.

Other essential components to think about are the sizes of frames and mattress heights. Many parents are fans of cribs that have mattress heights that they can change easily. Cribs these days typically give parents the ability to tweak mattress height. Parents can generally do this by making the mattress support closer to the ground or higher.

Parents who want to make wise baby furniture choices should shop at https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/ and make safety their focal points at all times. Nothing in the world means more than maintaining a safe nursery for a baby. If you want to establish a crib in the correct manner, you should keep it far from draperies, window blinds and windows in general. Cords can pose major threats to babies. If your baby is a little older, he or she could potentially get out via any windows as well.
Teeny change table - Dove grey
There are many facets that go into the purchase of cribs. If you want to be a baby furniture powerhouse, you need to understand all of them. Buying baby furniture and cribs can be rewarding for parents who care and who do a lot of research.

Kids Furniture Tips

Tips for Choosing Quality Kids Furniture

Are you planning to buy furniture for your kid’s bedroom? Picking quality furniture for your child’s room can be challenging especially if it’s your first time and you don’t know the best furniture maker to buy from. Perhaps you will like a certain piece and they won’t or they will outgrow it very fast. In the recent years, furniture makers like Incy Interiors have put more effort in designing kids’ rooms’ furniture from www.incyinteriors.com.au. Whether you want nursery furniture or your teenager’s furniture, you can get unique designs that will appeal to both of you. This article will offer essential tips that can help you pick the best furniture that’s decorative, fun and affordable.

Determine your budget

Just like any other kind of furniture, the price for your kid’s furniture will vary. Usually, this is determined by the quality and versatility of the furniture. Find out how much you are willing to spend and then check out Incy Interiors website to pick your favorite furniture.

Consider your child’s opinion

Always ask your kid to give their opinion before buying their furniture unless you’re decorating a nursery. This doesn’t mean that they should give their opinion on everything concerning their bedrooms like flooring, wall color or window treatment. It means that you are giving them a chance to have a say in how their room will be decorated so they can enjoy it. To make the conversation easier, pick a few themes, ideas and colors beforehand and present them to your child. They will choose one of the options you provided. In case you are stuck and don’t know where to start you can check manufacturer magazines or other online sources to get inspiration.

Be ready for change

Kids will grow and they will need new Kids furniture Incy Interiors as they become older. For instance, your child can grow taller sooner than unexpected and you will have to consider buying them a larger bed earlier to ensure they are not uncomfortable when sleeping. Another factor is family changes. You may get another sibling or an elder child in college is returning home. As a result, you need to pick furniture that’s versatile enough to endure these changes.

Make it fun

You don’t have to follow decorative rules when picking furniture for your child. If your kid likes bright colours, consider infusing such colors into their area rugs, beddings and light fixtures. If they like a color you don’t like you can paint their room in a neutral tone then add the child’s color to their beddings or furniture. There are no limits so, be as creative as you can. Furniture for your kid’s room needs to reflect their personality. Remember that your family’s lifestyle and budget will dictate how much you should spend including the longevity of your child’s furniture. When you choose to get furniture from Incy Interiors you are sure of getting a wide range of designs to suit your kid’s needs.

Hugo settee

Kids Chairs Fabric

Dining Kids Chairs: Which Fabric is the Best?

If you have children, their dining chairs undergo a lot of activity from the fine dining events your family shares with friends and their kids to your restless kids crafting crayon pictures. Because these kids chairs are the main feature in your dining room you will always want them to look good – you wouldn’t like to compromise on your home’s style. This means you have to purchase dining chairs that can outlast the kids. The best method of accomplishing this is choosing the right fabric for your Incy Interiors kids chairsSo which child-proof features should a suitable dining chair fabric have? Which synthetic and natural materials offer these much-needed qualities? This piece will provide the guidance you need while selecting a fabric for your children’s chairs.

Incy x Hobbe Rocker - Indigo

Fabrics to avoid


Silk is not a suitable fabric for kid’s chairs. Although it looks beautiful, you need to avoid it if you desire to have long-lasting children dining chairs. Silk is a delicate fabric which has a loose weave –It should strictly be for adults. Smudge or spill anything on it, and the fabric will have that stain forever. The only way to remove the stain is hiring professionals to clean it.

Good fabric when blended


Cotton is a suitable fabric when combined with other materials. Its durability is determined by its finish and weaves. Cotton resists fading, wear, and pilling. However, it’s susceptible to wrinkling and staining. It blends with fibers like polyester, linen, and viscose to create a sturdier fabric. Cotton can be made stronger when a stain resistant finish is used to treat its surface. Moreover, if the weave is tight, the material will not tear easily.

Pure Linen

When used alone, linen is not a suitable all-weather fabric for dining kids chairs. It stains and wrinkles quickly and must be professionally cleaned if your kids soil it. Fortunately, linen resists pilling and fading. It can withstand abrasion better than cotton and is a sturdy fabric if blended with other textiles.


Viscose is never used alone but can be blended with other textiles. It’s a perfect replacement for silk. Viscose resembles silk and feels like cotton hence the reason it’s a common chair fabric option. It is elegant to look at, soft to touch and resistant to wear and tear. However, you should note that it wrinkles easily.

Highly recommended


Since you expect a lot of spills from kids, consider going for Vinyl. It’s not expensive like leather, and it is very durable. Vinyl is easy to maintain and offers many child-friendly qualities.


When it comes to resilience, leather is the best material thanks to its stain-resistance and easily-washable qualities. It can even withstand rigorous cleaning routines –vacuuming, cleaning with a leather conditioner, and wiping with a wet cloth. Now you know the fabric you’ll pick for the dining kids chairs. Consider contacting Incy Interiors at https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/ to get the best kids chairs or for more information.

Kids Beds

kids beds

As children grow into kids, they will often need to have a new bed. A young boy is a very different person from a toddler. A young woman may also undergo a growth spurt as she gets older. A good bed is essential. Many parents today realize that they want to have kid’s bed that can fulfill many functions. They are looking for a bed that can be easily taken from one place to the next if they move. They are also looking for beds that can retail value and still look fabulous even two decades from now. A good kid’s bed is one that allows the kid room to grow but also allows them to chance to be a kid at the same time.

The Kid’s Room

A kid’s room is a very individual space. Kids have specific elements in the room that are important to them. This is where the child displays their art, keeps school work and has the clothing they like to wear every day. A kid’s bed should fit in with the rest of the items in the room. For example, a young woman who likes vivid colors such as pinks and oranges, should have a bed that matches their personal style. A young man who prefers something with a more contemporary style will want to have a bed that has such elements already incorporated into the design of the bed. Parents should be aware of the child’s tastes as they search for a bed for them.

Other Children

Another highly important consideration when choosing Incy Interiors kids beds. Some parents have several kids in the same room. Each child will need to have a bed of their own. In that case, space may be at a premium. A kid’s bed that fits compactly into a niche can be of great use as it allows for the best use of the room. Buying several beds at once for each child is also a great way to help create a cohesive look in the entire room. Each kid can have a variation of a given style that still has a sense of overall unity.

Comfortable and Cozy

A kid’s bed at https://www.incyinteriors.com.au/ should also be a place that feels right for the child. Many kids want beds that allow them to feel safe and warm as they head for sleep. Let the kid have a close look at the bed. It’s a good idea for them to sit down on it and see how it feels. Taking a few moments to let the child sit down and even stretch out will help the child determine if they really like the bed. Kids who have a bed they like are more likely to head to bed when the parents and stay there all night. A bed that feels like home is one that helps the child make the transition from childhood to mature, functional adulthood. Both the child and the parent benefit from the right kid’s bed.

Louis bed - king single